A family member can solemnize your marriage. Your Wedding, Your Way.

Did you know it is perfectly legal
to have a family member or friend
conduct your wedding ceremony?

By becoming ordained, they will be authorized to legally solemnize and conduct weddings.

We believe women have the same right to be ordained as men. Have you already chosen a maid of honor? Have another best friend that you would like to honor too? Save money and have a friend or your sister perform your ceremony!

  Our starter packages include everything they need to get perform their first ceremony, including a framable ordination certificate, credit-card style pocket ID card, letters of good standing (where required by localities), and (optionally) ready-to-use or customize marriage ceremonies and a keepsake marriage certificate for your friend to complete at the conclusion of the ceremony.

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With your choice of officiant!

  You would be happy to know that since my ordination, under Rose Ministries, I have begun an independent ministry in my community. With that, I have established a location for this ministry and a branch of a Bible College and Seminary. In Feburary my assistant and I will be taking training from the home office so that upon our return we will be able to begin registering students and hiring instructures for classes.
God Bless You! Thank you!

Rev. M. Roy, Ph. D

  I am very pleased to say that everything worked out beautifully in the end. I was able to become official with the newest letters that you sent me and the wedding went ahead as planned. A great success!
   Thank you for all your hard work. You made a lot of people very happy indeed.

  I received your letters in the mail Monday morning August 29th & I rushed over to the City Clerk's office. Thank you so much - everything went smoothly & it was all a success ! I even Thanked [my friend] for recommending me to your ministry.
   Once again - God Bless & thank you for providing a way for female clergy to practice their beliefs.

Rev. C. Thomas

  Thank You so much, ... it is so hard for women in ministry, but praise be to God, he can open a door that no man can shut!
Gratefully yours,

Evangelist J. C. Kirk

  I am so pleased to be able to marry people..my sister ... is planning a wedding this summer and I will perform the ceremony..that is so exciting !!! thank you ...I will get all the proper legal paper work needed to make sure her wedding is 100% legal...this is so EXCITING !!!! thank you !!!
Minister Piller

  I made my monumental trip to the county clerks office on Dec. 17 and I received my marriage officiating license from NYC with no problem. I apologize for doubting your powers of ordination and I express my absolute gratitude in your assistance to me. ...expressing my kindest thoughts to your organization....
Minister DaPonte

  What a bleesing it is to know that more women are involved in a world where our voices are needed. My mother asked me to marry her and because of your beautiful work, I can. Thank you.

  I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to get ordained on line. This is an awsome answer to prayer. I've been wanting to do more ministry but being a woman, I am not welcome in some places, and now this will allow me to go where I couldn't go before.
   I am presently working with Homeless and the Ladies Ministries. So this will be a tool for me to use.
   Again I wanted to say thank you! And May the Lord bless you and prosper you more than ever before!

Rev. Bramer

  I am a woman and found it hard to be a vessel of love from God without being ordained. I felt that with a title, people are more apt to come to you for support. You made it easy for me to help and spread my Christian traditions.
Rev. Roberts

  I heard the calling to minister to the local prison.
Rev. Cazar

  Thank you for all your help. I am very impressed with your responsiveness and customer service. I wish that more businesses were like you. I look forward to talking with you again if needed.

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